Introvert, modest and intelligent, Sangeeta Gautam is one gem of a student. She is one of the oldest students of Vidya & Child. Years of her sincere and dedicated efforts have brought pride to teachers, mentors and family. Currently pursuing her B.tech in Civil Engineering from G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology, Greater Noida, Sangeeta has triumphed over the enormity of personal setbacks.

Her family hails from a small village of Uttar Pradesh. Sangeeta, her mother and three siblings had to face numerous challenges on the topsy-turvy journey of life, especially because her father passed away when she was quite young. The economic condition of her family became dismal hereafter.  Vidya & Child extended regular and firm support to the family ever since and brought all the siblings to a good level of education.

In a brilliant display of versatility and dynamism, Sangeeta has participated in various extra-curricular activities while at the same time maintaining outstanding academic performance. She has given numerous stage performances at Vidya & Child during her school days. She is a passionate Kathak dancer and is keenly interested in Art & Craft. Apart from this, she has also participated in a number of inter and intra school sports competitions and bagged prizes, trophies and awards during all these years. She likes to listen to classical Indian music, while on academic front she keeps a keen interest in Physics and has continued to be excellent.