CSR Collaboration

Vidya and Child looks forward to associating with corporations that share our vision of investing in childhood to transform the future for us all. With our partners, we work toward positively addressing the unique and complex challenges facing children, their families and communities, while simultaneously providing opportunities for partners to fulfill their CSR objectives.

We strive to develop unique partnership opportunities that intervene in children’s lives early – to redefine their futures and ours. Through our efforts in the area of child education, we aim to give every child the best chance for a lifetime of success.

We work with:

Corporate Foundations to co-design programs on the ground that bring about transformational change for children in education.

HR departments to create opportunities for employee engagement at local levels through single-day volunteerism and multi-month programs.



We continue to be grateful for the generosity and support of our current partners who, through their alignment with V&C, have helped to transform children’s lives, changing the course of their futures and ours. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information on partnering with Vidya and Child, Write to us.