School Programme

Objective : To initiate children into the education process and  prepare them for mainstream school

ScopeNursery to Class V


Key Features of School Programme:

  • Internally Developed Level-based Curriculum – Self-paced, non-threatening learning environment helps teachers to engage deeply with the children.
  • In-house Content — Teachers Manuals, Worksheets and Assessment Sheets for all classes and subjects.
  • Training, Observation & Assessment Reviews – Monthly Chapter-wise trainings for teachers to ensure more effective delivery. Reviews to assess difficulties faced while teaching as well as for identifying learning gaps for appropriate planning and intervention.
  • Activity Based Learning - In-class activities and Computer-Aided Learning enables children to develop their logic and creative skills.
  • Special Assemblies  on important themes, personalities and festivals throughout the year.
  • Academics supplemented with Intensive Life Skills Training & diversified Arts & Performing Arts  for holistic  development of each child.
  • Regular field visits, excursions and opportunities to showcase talent in internal as well as external events
  • Regular Parent Interactions  through Home Visits and PTMs

                                        Admissions to Mainstream Schools at the end of the School Programme