Foundation Program


Objective : To provide financial, tutoring and mentoring support to students to complete their Secondary School Education and to prepare them for career-oriented education.Also, to support them during their higher education, financially as well as through regular mentoring support.  

Scope: Class XI onwards


Key Features of  Foundation Programme :

  • Interaction with Mainstream School (Class XI & XII) as well as Colleges/ Institutions (Class XII+) to take a detailed feedback on each child with respect to academics and   behaviour. Child-wise Meetings are regularly held to discuss the issues for any appropriate intervention required.
  • Academic Support - (Class XI,XII) - Regular Academic Support provided in Math, Science & Commerce by professional tutors with a strong tutorial background.
  • Syllabus Tracking & Chapter-wise Assessments to identify areas of concern and    necessary remedial action.
  • Continuous Mentoring Support & Life Skills Training to help students deal with the hardships faced by them , to understand their growing thought process and identify any further support  that may be required.
  • Career Counselling & Exposure Sessions organised in-house as well at external venues these sessions are supplemented with counselling, individual follow-ups, as well as parent interactions in order to guide them to make the suitable career choice.
  • Spoken English & Personality Development Sessions to aid in improved confidence and better communication as well as inter-personal skills.
  • Financial Support for Specialised Coaching for Competitive Exams of Professional Courses for students who are excelling academically and are keen on a particular career.